How would you prioritize your needs in a customer-provider exchange?

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How would you prioritize your needs in a customer-provider exchange?


How would you prioritize your needs in a customer-provider exchange?

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An individual may map one's own needs in a customer provider exchange in the following ways, which can be explained as:

An individual's first needs and expectations may be that the service provider is understandable and supports the individual's feelings, emotions, and situations without any prior judgment. Despite having several barriers related to emotions, language barriers, and other hindrances, the service provider puts in the best efforts to offer a good customer service experience to that individual.
Then, an individual may look up for equal and supportive treatment from the service provider, which involves addressing the needs of the customers in a spontaneous manner without any prior presumptions. As the service provider provides quick and prompt responses in addressing the requirements of an individual, it eventually enhances the chances of customer satisfaction as well.
An individual's third need may be that the individual has some kind of control over the service experience provided by the service provider in satisfying that individual's specific needs. An individual lookout for service experiences in which the service provider clearly explains the policies, rules, and regulations of the organization effectively to the individual. Along with that, the individual observes for the service provider to offer various options in satisfying that individual's requirements functionally.
An individual's fourth need may be that the service provider may welcome the individual nicely and affectionately in a pleasant manner. Small things such as acceptance, gratitude, and maintaining proper eye contact make an individual feel delighted and supportive. It eventually helps in providing a good experience to the individual and that individual may visit the organization frequently.
Sample Response
An individual may rank or organize one's own needs in the following ways:

The first need of an individual may be that representative understand their needs.
The second need may be that representatives provide equal and supportive treatment.
The third need may be of having control over the experience of the services.
The fourth need may be that the representative make an individual feel welcomed.

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