If you were to take your company global, which 3 countries would


If you were to take your company global, which 3 countries would


If you were to take your company global, which 3 countries would be your first targets and why? What kinds of strategies and products fit with those countries’ segments of customers?

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An individual can select developed countries like U, K, and J because the customers belonging to such countries majorly utilize the internet for purchasing products and taking services from global entities.

The strategies used by an individual for running a global business can be explained as follows:

The entrepreneur can create a business software application that can be downloaded and utilized by the foreign customers to buy products and take services from such entrepreneur.
An individual should study the market of each country according to the age group and the occupation of such customers to understand the kind of products to be provided and the pricing of such products can be decided according to the standard of living.
The product that can be sold in other countries can be explained as follows:

Online entertainment platforms utilize the internet to provide a service to a customer. So, an entrepreneur can provide such product to foreign customers belonging to the technologically advanced countries.
An entrepreneur can run an online shopping e-commerce business because handling the business would be easy for such an entrepreneur and the product can be delivered within a specific period to the foreign customers.
Sample Response
An individual can choose countries 'U', 'K', 'J' for making the business global because these countries are advanced in internet usage for running a business.

The following can be the strategies that can be used by an individual to have a global business:

Creating in house application software or a website for providing e-commerce services.
Segmenting the population of other countries with demographics like age and occupation.
The products that can be introduced in the other countries by an entrepreneur for having a global business are as follows:

Online entertainment platforms can be used by the customers of other countries through devices like mobiles and laptops.
Online shopping of products that can be shipped globally to the foreign customers.

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