Introduction and theoretical framework master thesis

Introduction and theoretical framework master thesis

March 26, 2024

I would like to receive the introduction and theoretical framework (TF) of an university master thesis. Which is about the relation of procrastination and creativity and the influence of individualism vs collectivism and pacingstyles. Make sure that the introduction is still around four pages, use the other 11 for the framework. 
See the document below with the proposal, Create a new document in which only the introduction part  is used for the “new” introduction (followed by the TF). Rewrite the proposal introduction based on the feedback of the supervisor. Make sure to keep the same model and definition’s. This means that procrastination is solely unplanned procrastination, but do not name it passive procrastination as Grant et al is stating (my supervisor does not agree with this definition and term). Also make sure that the introduction is around the same length and context.  
The original assignment for the TF is as follows:The theoretical framework defines the key concepts in your research, proposes relations between them, anddiscusses relevant theories based on a literature review. The literature review provides the detailed (theoretical) background for your empirical study. It should lead to a development of key research questions or, where relevant, hypotheses. Cover key papers in the area of your research. Before writing your literature review, think of a clear and logically integrated structure. How are the articles related to each other? What classification of previous research best suits your research question? When referring to articles provide a critical discussion, contrasting existing literature and identify the possible explanations for different findings (for example, use of noisy proxies for some underlying phenomena, different data samples and/or time periods). Please make sure to use an appropriate build up (see slides 7-17 of the pdf in the attachment) or take a look at the grading on the guideline PDF page 13. Feel free to share the skeleton beforehand (if you make one)
You can find the hypothesis below the introduction in the proposal. (Make sure to give a direction to the different pacing strategies) If needed or more logical, other pacing styles can be chosen or added for comparison, see also the comments of the supervisor in the proposal. But it might be good to reach out before doing so (do not know how this normally works). 
Make sure that it fits well with the method (see the proposal method section): questionnaire for working Dutch and Chinese citizens in their original home country.  
Questionairs are:Sirois, F. M., Yang, S., & van Eerde, W. (2019). Development and validation of the GeneralProcrastination Scale (GPS-9): A short and reliable measure of trait procrastination. Personalityand Individual Differences, 146, 26-33.
Gevers, J., Mohammed, S., & Baytalskaya, N. (2015). The conceptualisation and measurement of pacing styles. Applied Psychology, 64(3), 499-540.
K-DOCS Kaufman, J. C. (2012). Counting the muses: development of the Kaufman domains ofcreativity scale (K-DOCS). Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 6(4), 298.(Every day domain subscale)
Q27 Alternative Use Task, Guilford, J. P. (1967). The nature of human intelligence. McGraw-Hill.
Triandis’ Individualism-Collectivism Scale
For the writing, please use APA references where possible use two, never use more than 4. For the writing style keep it academic but also not to advanced and stylish (like Chat GPT does quite often). As my english is not perfect either. 
Make sure that it doesn’t come back as plagiate :D
If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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