last word What is systems engineering and how has Elon Musk applied systems engineering

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last word What is systems engineering and how has Elon Musk applied systems engineering


last word What is systems engineering and how has Elon Musk applied systems engineering to cut costs and increase profits? Are Musk’s innovations subject to competition, copycats, and creative destruction? Over the long run, how can Musk continue to generate economic profits?

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System engineering is a proposition that helps develop new procedures and technologies that will help assist businesses. The personnel who deal with system engineering gather knowledge about composite production systems to determine the efficient usage of resources, which will help minimize production costs and help procure new production processes. Individual E applied the idea of system engineering in reusing the space booster rocket. Such innovation would reduce launching costs for launching rockets in space. Individual E, with the help of its company, came up with new technology and processes to restore the usability of a used booster rocket. This innovation witnessed its first success in 2015.

Such extraordinary innovations are highly valuable in the market but, given the time, the technologies can be adapted by competitors in the market. Since these researches and developments require a long time to be processed and applied, it results in long-term competition.

Individual E can still have a definite scope of earning profits by operating in the market if it always finds a way to keep its innovations one step advanced from its rivals. The ahead game in the market will enable Individual E to always procure sufficient profits from its various research and development activities.

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System engineering is an idea that proposes the development of new methods and technological advancements for increasing the profit opportunities of a company. Individual E applied this proposition to innovate a way to reuse the booster rocket.

Yes, the innovations and developments processed and applied by Individual E are liable for rivalry as many competitors exist or develop in the market operating in the same industry, as such type of competition is long-run.

If Individual E always keeps one step ahead of all its competitors in terms of innovations and development, then economic profits can be earned for a long time.

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