Planning Paper Assignment

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Planning Paper Assignment


For this assignment, you are required to write a 3 page paper (no less than 2½ pages, no more than 3½ pages), double spaced, no cover page.  The paper will be a personal plan.  In the paper, four (4) main sections are required:
1.      a personal mission statement
2.      a situation appraisal
3.      a set of plans/goals to achieve the mission
4.      a description of how you will measure plan success.

Step 1: Developing a Personal Mission Statement
The first part of your assignment is to develop a personal mission statement.  As you have seen in the text, companies develop mission statements to guide and inform their planning and decision making.  In the same way, individuals can develop personal mission statements to guide them and help make meaningful decisions.
Mission statements, as we learned from our readings and discussions, are broad statements of purpose of an organization or individual.  Your Mission Statement will be unique to you, but you can use some general guidelines to develop it.
A mission statement for yourself is really a succinct, but broad description of what you would like to achieve in your life.  Your mission statement should be a short (no more than one-half page, double spaced) declaration of what your life’s achievements will be.  I suggest that you review both corporate and personal mission statements online.
Step II: Developing a Strategic Plan
A. Perform a situation analysis:  Your next step is to carry out a situation analysis.  In this section you will look at your personal strengths and weaknesses to assess where you are now.  The more thorough you are in defining where you are now, the easier it will be to determine what you need to do to reach your goals.

B. Develop Goals: Developing the Mission Statement is the first step in the planning process.  Carrying out the examination of your strengths and weaknesses is the second step.  You now need to use the Mission Statement and the information generated by the situation appraisal to develop:
List the following:
·         three (3) strategic (5-year) goals
·         two (2) tactical (1-year) goals, and
·         one (1) operational (weekly/monthly/semester) goal.
(Please separate these into three paragraphs)
These goals should be in conformity with your mission statement and take into account the findings from your situation appraisal.  The goals must be stated so that they conform to the criteria required of good goals (i.e. they must, as far as possible, be specific, attainable, measurable, have a definite deadline, and be challenging).  Make sure that your operational, tactical and strategic goals should also be in conformity with each other.

Step III: Developing a Measurement Plan
To be effective, goals must be monitored while they are in progress.  Questions like, “Am I on schedule?”  “Is this still a viable goal?”  “Did I achieve this goal?” etc. must be considered in the planning process.  Conclude your paper with a brief discussion of how you will measure each goal. 

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Personal Plan
Personal Mission Statement
I pride myself on participating in various community projects, helping people in need, and for significant contributions to my family. I have achieved a lot education-wise over the years, diligently following my aspirations to become a better human and improve in all aspects of life. Hardworking, creativity, problem-solving, and positivity have become my pillars. They are among the core values that have transformed me into a better person, valuable to my friends, family, and society. In line with various achievements, I intend to make my career success in an organization where I can employ my skills, talents, and values to achieve success and become a diversified individual with massive contributions professionally and personally. I want to live life fully and compassionately, with a healthy dose of realism, and remind myself that everything is possible with dedication and commitment.
Strategic Plan
Situation Analysis
Loong back, I have achieved massive success in life. I am now at the level of education I wanted several years ago. I have made numerous friends along the way, with so much experience to attach to these incredible relationships. I have interacted with people of various backgrounds and heard their insightful life stories. With some from diverse backgrounds, they have shaped my understanding of diversity. They have given me much-needed knowledge on their personal experiences, how to treat people of other cultures, and the importance of oneness. Subsequently, I have gained some work experience working part-time across the years, and I feel prepared to become a part of a notable firm in the future.
Despite my success, I have a few shortcomings. For instance, I have personality issues that various jobs and companies would not accommodate. I am in the process of understanding how to adapt to different settings and get better. There is a gap in my education life. There are individuals with massive education achievements than mine, some with more degrees and others with tremendous post-graduate achievements. Finally, I lack significant work experience that would be a consideration by most potential employers.
Strategic Goals
In the next five years, first, I want to better focus on my family and the community. I want to get involved in at least five community projects and work with my family to achieve our annual goals. It should also involve family gatherings and supporting each other whenever needed. Second, career progress and financial freedom; I will look for a well-paying job and create some meaningful achievement in that position. While working, I will seek to make saving my commitment. I should continuously keep a budget of my expenditure to avoid overspending. Third, health and fitness; I will join a health and fitness club and become a gym member. Additionally, I should run a few kilometers in the morning, at least five times a week.
Tactical Goals
For the next year, the following are my tactical goals. First, I will join a short management course; focused on practical approaches to management. It will enable me to gain more knowledge about my future career focus and have a competitive edge over other job seekers in the market. Second, I will create more personal connections in the corporate world to get updated with new job or community project opportunities.
Operational Goal
Have a diary to write a daily timetable, give more time to the courses and topics that I perform poorly, and assign some time to community work available at the time. Focusing more time on concepts that I consider difficult would help improve my final grade and could also be significant in securing a better job.
Measurement Plan
Strategic Goals
By the end of the period, I should be able to look back and count the times I visited a family member or organized a meeting/dinner with close relatives. I should always keep a record of community projects available during a year, identifying those that I can participate in and making them a priority in my free time. If not employed at the end of each year, I should account for the value I brought to my previous employer. If working, I must record my personal and group achievements. I should keep a record of my annual expenditure and savings to identify the areas I could improve as far as spending is concerned. Finally, I should get medical checkups every year to keep track of vital health variables, such as BMI and heart rate.
Tactical Goals
By the end of each year, I should have completed at least one short course on management. I could achieve this by registering for online management courses in reputable organizations such as Khan Academy. I should also have expanded my friends’ list.
Operational Goal
By the end of each week, I should account for the daily expenditures, eliminating the unnecessary ones. I should have better time management and grade improvement in specific units, assignments, and courses.

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