What is a realistic job preview, and why is it important?


What is a realistic job preview, and why is it important?


What is a realistic job preview, and why is it important?

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A clear description about the job and its responsibilities helps an organization to select the right candidates.

The process that provides job seekers with exact information about both the positive and negative aspects of the job role so that they can make a productive choice is known as a realistic job preview. The new employees should be given relevant data regarding the merits and demerits of the job role in order to perform effectively.

The significance of the realistic job previews can be summarized as follows:

The employees who obtain the job preview may be honest and loyal toward the organizations. This is because the organizations communicate everything about the job beforehand. The employees being loyal will be sufficiently flexible to handle the dynamic requirements of the organization.
It ensures an organization's proper and effective working. This is because the employees already know what is to be done and what is expected out of them.
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Realistic job preview is a tool that is used by organizations to communicate the good and bad aspects of a particular role during the hiring process.

Realistic job preview has the following significance:

Creates a sense of loyalty among employees
Helps in attaining efficiency in work

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