Wilson then discovers these facts. What are Wilson’s rights, if any, against Ruth?


Wilson engages Ruth to sell Wilson’s antique walnut chest to Harold for $2,500. The next day, Ruth learns that Sandy is willing to pay $3,000 for Wilson’s chest. Ruth nevertheless sells the chest to Harold. Wilson then discovers these facts. What are Wilson’s rights, if any, against Ruth?

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Duty to inform obligates the agent to give all the material information that he knows regarding the subject matter to the principal. Breach of this duty can be considered as a breach of contract based on the material fact.
In this case, Individual R can be held responsible for breach of duty as Individual R has not provided the information to the principal. This information could have changed the deal and resulted in higher profit.
No such liability will be raised against Individual R if there exists a reason for Individual R to believe that the deal would not change because of this withheld information.

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In this case, Individual W may or may not claim the right of duty to inform against Individual R. Individual R,as an agent, has the duty to inform Individual W about all the material facts regarding the subject matter unless Individual R has reason to believe that these facts would not make any changes to the deal.

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