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Category: Cell biology
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Category: Cell biology
Just need answers to the 25 questions PreviewQ1. Knowing that cells duplicate themselves one could reasonably predict that individual chromosomes canQ2. The point of attachment for two chromatids is calledQ3. The structure responsible for spindle formation in animal cell is theQ4. The process of mit...
Category: Cell biology
The enzyme hexokinase transfers a phosphate from ATP to glucose. This reaction is important for two reasons. What are they?
Editor May 3, 2021 20:04
Answer Glucose-6-phosphate cannot diffuse through the membrane because of its negative charges, so the phosphorylated glucose can no longer leave the cell. The addition of the phosphoryl group begins to (View full solution)
Category: Cell biology
Following the production of membrane extracts using the non-ionic detergent Triton X-100, you analyze the membrane lysates via mass spectrometry and note a high content of cholesterol and sphingolipids. Furthermore, biochemical analysis of the lysates reveals potential kinase activity. What have you...
Editor December 29, 2020 21:18
Answer C. lipid rafts Explanation Lipid rafts are insoluble in nonionic detergents such Triton X-100 and when sucrose gradient is applied, they can be easily separated from other membrane domains. (View full solution)
Category: Cell biology
may i get the answers to thr following urgently please 1. Identify the incorrect statement regarding alkadiene. a) These are acyclic acids b) These are unsaturated hydrocarbons c) These compounds have only one C=C bonds d) These compounds have the general formula CnH2n-2 2. Alkadienes are classified...
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